Mood: Ravenous! Easy Hibachi Style Noodles

Imma bout to eat my arm!!  Need.Food.Quick!!

This recipe is my families ‘quick get dinner on the table in 15 minutes’ kinda meal.  It has major flavour and it can be eaten on it’s own as a great no meat option…or add some veggies and /or meat to it and you are all good.

I don’t know about you but i love me some noodles.  I love vietnamese noodle bowls, ramen, stir fry with noodles…I could eat noodles all the time.  I once had these noodles at one of those hibachi restaurants and it was instant lurrrrve.  I needed to know how to make them immediately.  So I played around in the kitchen and figured out a winning combo that brought back all those memories of that delightful bowl of noodles.

All you really need for this is, noodles, garlic, butter, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and some sesame seeds.  Here’s how:

Get your noodles boiling.  You can use your favourite type of asian noodles or if you are me…I normally always have spaghetti around so I just use what I have.


While the noodles are cooking, get your other ingredients ready.  Mince about 2-3 garlic  cloves and about 2 Tbsp of butter ready to go.


When your noodles are ready, drain and set aside.  Grab a deep dish fry pan and heat to medium.  Add your butter and stir until it melts.  Add your minced garlic and stir for 30 seconds to a minute…make sure your temperature is not too high because you don’t want to burn the garlic.


Turn off the burner and remove from heat.  Now add your drained noodles to the butter and garlic and mix it all together.  Add a splash of Soy Sauce and a splash of Teriyaki Sauce and stir the noodles together so that they are coated.  Drizzle a little bit of toasted sesame oil on top and mix.




Next, sprinkle a little bit of sugar and keep mixing together


Now drizzle some toasted sesame oil over top.  This will give the noodles the best flavour and a glorious shine to them.


Drizzle that sesame oil over top.  Stop looking at my hang nails…I’m hungry and just can’t deal with negativity right now.  HA!


Scoop the noodles in to bowls and top with some toasted sesame seeds and you and have the most simple but most delicious meal.




order has been restored!!

Hibachi Style Noodles


  • cooked spaghetti noodles (about half a package)
  • 2 Tbsp of Unsalted Butter
  • 2-3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1/2 tsp of sugar (a little sprinkle)
  • 2 Tbsp of Soy Sauce
  • 1-2 Table Spoons of Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp of sugar or a little sprinkle
  • drizzle of toasted sesame oil
  • Roasted Sesame seeds to sprinkle on top


  1. Cook your spaghetti noodles, drain and set aside
  2. Heat your butter in a deep dish fry pan/skillet on medium heat
  3. Add your minced garlic and stir for about 30 seconds to a minute until garlic is cooked.  Make sure it doesn’t burn.
  4. Turn off burner and remove fry pan from heat.
  5. Next take your drained noodles and stir in the butter and garlic mixture until combined.
  6. Add your soy sauce and teriyaki sauce to the noodle mixture and stir everything together until all noodles have been coated
  7. Drizzle a little bit of toasted sesame oil over the noodles and stir again
  8. Add noodles to individual bowls and top with roasted sesame seeds
  9. Serve with chopsticks.

You can serve these on their own and they will be sure to satisfy any noodle craving or serve some veggies on the side.  I love a quick stir fry of snap peas and bok choy and then add it right in to the bowl.  Remember though…you are the master of your domain so do what you want…just get food on to the table and in to your belly!!  Avoid a family crisis and don’t let the hungry overtake your life…food on table in 15 minutes.  RESULT!

2 thoughts on “Mood: Ravenous! Easy Hibachi Style Noodles

  1. To think I was up and down Pintrest looking for a quick noodle recipe when I could have just come here. I’m going to try this tomorrow night…Need something quick to go with my leftover sesame chicken and PVR of primetime!

    This is HDV btw. Hope everything is going well 🙂


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