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I am a major fan of pesto.  I think it’s amazing and can really flavour boost a simple meal to a whole new dimension.  Pesto can make a simple pasta sauce pop or it can be used to enhance the flavour of something as simple as a potato.

I typically always have a jar of classic green basil pesto on hand but my absolute fave is a sundried tomato pesto.  I decided to create this wickedly simple pesto because its super easy and I often have these ingredients on hand.  I made a wee batch of this deliciousness and put a few jars in my freezer so I can pull it out whenever I want to.

All you need is a jar of store bought sundried tomatoes in oil, basil, oregano, cheese and voila.  Oh…you also need a either  food processor or a high speed blender.

Simple Ingredients

Simple Ingredients

Okay…imma about to blow your mind here people cuz this take like 3-5 minutes tops.  First throw your sundried tomatoes with the oil in your blender and blitz away.  I try to buy the jar that has chopped sundried tomatoes because it just helps your blender a long.  Always be kind to your blender…I know I couldn’t live without mine!!

Chopped Sundried Tomatoes and Oil

Chopped Sundried Tomatoes and Oil


Next, add your basil, oregano and grated parmesan cheese.  Blitz until everything is combined and its at your desired consistency.

Add everything else

Add everything else


Get ready to blend

Get ready to blend

Check out this deliciousness!!  Seriously I use this stuff in so many things.  It can enhance a simple tomato pasta sauce by just adding a spoonful.  I use it on pizza instead of regular tomato sauce.  Mash potatoes and then add a spoonful of this stuff and it will up your weeknight game to a whole new level!!

What it looks like after it's blended

What it looks like after it’s blended

I store this pesto in little freezer jam jars and place in my freezer.  This way whenever i’m in need of some pesto, I can pull out a small amount at a time.


If you don’t have freezer jam jars, place the pesto in ice cube trays and freeze. Once they are frozen solid, pop out and place in a freezer storage bag and you can easily take out a cube at a time.    *I am obsessed with cubes.  I seriously freeze lots of stuff in ice cube trays so that I don’t waste anything.  I plan on doing a post just on cubes because it will change your life!!  Pesto to Soup Stock to Wine to fancy ice cubes to up your cocktail game.  Stay Tuned!!

Recipe: Sun-dried Tomato Pesto


  • 1 jar of of Sun-dried Tomatoes in oil (i used 270ml jar)
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 Tbsp dried oregano
  • a handful of basil leaves
  • 1 cup of grated parmesan cheese


  1. Add the entire jar of sun-dried tomatoes (including the oil) to your blender.  Give it a blitz to chop up the tomatoes.
  2. Next add the remaining ingredients and blend until all ingredients are mixed together
  3. Store in ice cube trays or freezer jam jars and take out when you are using it.  If you are using it right away, you can store the rest in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


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