Mood: Fresh! Cucumber, Strawberry and Mint Salad!

Now this is a story all about how, my life got flip-turned upside down…sorry, that’s exactly what I think of when I think Fresh!  Well, that and this beautiful gem of a simple salad.  Sometimes you just want to will the sun out of the clouds and make something that should be eaten on a patio with friends as part of a perfect summer meal.

I cannot stress enough…this salad is wicked simple.  Like so insanely simple and so impossibly delish that you will be wondering why the heck you haven’t made it before.  The other thing is that you are pretty much going to feel like you may have lost 5 pounds because it is so light, fresh and delicious.  In fact, you might even want to go bikini shopping afterwards cuz you are one skinny little bitch!

The salad is made with only 5 ingredients…6 if you want to get super fancy pants about it.

First you want to cut your main ingredients.  Slice strawberries and cucumbers.  I try to use those little persian cucumbers because 1) they are a similar size to the strawberry slices 2) they don’t have as many seeds in them which means they won’t get super strawberries and 3) they are kinda cute and I like buying cute things, it makes me feel like i’m a nice and lovely person (even though we all know i’m super sarcastic and love to swear a lot).  Once you are done slicing, place them in a bowl and set aside.  *that probably took like 2 minutes max, even if you suck at chopping.

Look at those colours!!

Look at those colours!!

Next, you will want to chiffonade some mint.  HOLD UP…what did you just say??  I promise I am not swearing at you…it’s a chopping technique where you roll up a bunch of leaves of whatever herb you are using (in this case Mint) like a cigar and then finely chop.  The result is tiny little strands of beautiful herbs.  Try it, it’s a way to take a very powerful herb and finely chop it so it’s little strands go a long way and don’t over power the dish.  Add the mint to the bowl.

Look at that chiffonade!!

Look at that chiffonade!!

Next drizzle a tiny bit of honey and a nice splash of white wine vinegar or white balsamic vinegar to the cucumber, strawberry and mint mixture.  Mix around until it’s fully mixed and your mixture starts to glisten and shine.


If you want to get all fancy pants about it…sprinkle on some black sesame seeds.  WOW!!  They can glam this side dish up and make it look like you made massive effort.

Gorgeous Cucumber, Strawberry Mint Salad!!

Gorgeous Cucumber, Strawberry Mint Salad!!

Because this salad is so simple and delicious, I don’t think you need the recipe…just chop, drizzle, stir and serve.  Let’s keep it simple.  The fresh prince of Bel Air could do this without Joffrey’s help…let’s be honest here!!

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