Date Night With a Hipster – Part 2

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I have an unintentional affinity for attracting men who exhibit strange dating behaviour.  What you are about to read is no exception. Following a night of drinking and dancing last December at an East Vancouver dive bar, I met a guy and delusion ensued! For all of those juicy details you will need to read Part 1 of this story, but for those of you familiar with my blissful ignorance, please allow me to me set the scene for what came to be….The Date!

It is a cold Sunday morning in December, approximately 10:30am.  I am hungover, and as I lay in bed I utter to myself “I…am never…drinking…again.” Ahhhh, not the first time I have spat out that loosely veiled threat, but nonetheless, at that moment in time I meant it. I groggily look at my surroundings. Relief! Thank Jeebus that I’m currently in my own apartment.  I roll over and look left…

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