Mood: Rebellious-Sometimes you just wanna eat icecream for breakfast

A few weeks back, the doppel to my ganger was visiting and we planned an awesome hike to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.  The plan was to drop the lion off at daycare (aka Toddler Fight Club), head for breakfast and a coffee and then make our way to Deep Cove for this hike.  Well…we did all that and it was an awesome day but what really made the day stand out was the amazing breakfast we discovered at the Anchor Eatery in West Vancouver.  We ended up getting an Acai bowl which we soon discovered was like a bowl of icecream (or a really thick smoothie) served up in a bowl with granola, fresh fruit and some seeds n stuff.  It really started the day off right and I felt like I could take on the world.

I seriously felt like a bad ass eating a bowl of ice cream for breakfast.  My inner awesomeness continued Friday through Monday when my doppelganger and I continued to talk about how awesome those acai bowls were.

Acai Bowls from the Anchor Eatery in West Vancouver

Acai Bowls from the Anchor Eatery in West Vancouver

Acai Bowl 2 at anchor eatery

I knew what my next step needed to be…recreate this bowl of amazingness in the comfort of my own home!!  Despite not having the grand pooba of all blenders…the Vita Mix (yes, I will continue to moan and moan about not having one until the day that she becomes ‘my pretty’), I think I did a pretty bang up job.  Husband even liked it!!

The first thing I needed to find was acai puree or acai smoothie packets.  I did some online research and apparently they sell these things at Costco but of course, I had just been there and could not be bothered going back so I swallowed my pride, got on my bike and decided to look at Whole Foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods, I am mesmerized by the beauty that lies within, the beautiful rows of perfectly assembled produce, the patchouli smelling hippie cashiers, the amazing prepared foods section and that oh so awesome carrot cake (have you tried the carrot cake…DAMN!).  The only thing I don’t like about Whole Foods is that you always pay a ‘Whole Lot More’.  I’m frugal dammit but I love food and I love good food…it’s a constant inner struggle I have.  In the end my obsession to recreate this ice cream for breakfast won and my mission of finding those acai packages was well underway.

Voila…i found them in the frozen foods section!!  Okay actually my bike riding companion Calley found them for me because well…i couldn’t.  It was 7 bucks for 6 packages

Acai Smoothie Packs from Sambazon

Acai Smoothie Packs from Sambazon


Acai Bowls (Ice Cream for Breakfast)


  • 1 Acai Package Frozen
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • a handful of other frozen fruit (blueberries, mangos, pineapple)
  • Tiny splash of Almond Milk


Blend everything together until it’s a really think version of a smoothie.  It will resemble a frozen soft serve ice cream consistency.  If it’s not blending (cuz you have a crap blender like mine and not a vita mix or a blend tech…see that strategically placed moan??), try adding a bit more liquid to loosen it up.  Don’t add too much though cuz you really want this to be thick.  I had to shake my blender a few times to move things around.

Pour blended mixture in to a bowl

Top with Chopped up Bananas or other fresh fruit (strawberries, kiwi, stone fruits)

Add your favourite granola, nuts and/or a bit of a seed mixture (I use this really awesome chia, hulled hemp seed and flax mixture that is awesome)

ENJOY and Channel your inner rebel and go ahead and eat ice cream for breakfast!

Acai Bowl

All of the deliciousness is underneath all of the healthy stuff


9 thoughts on “Mood: Rebellious-Sometimes you just wanna eat icecream for breakfast

  1. Oh jeez, i cannot express how delicious these were. The topping options are endless. I’m so glad we decided to give them a whirl. Thanks for posting so I can recreate.


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